President's Message

Santa Barbara City Firefighters Association, Local 525

Dear Citizen, Business and Community,

Hello and welcome to the Santa Barbara City Firefighters Association website. We are proud to have been providing excellent emergency services to the citizens of Santa Barbara since 1882. The work done by our past Union members has built a strong tradition of dedication to our community and each other. It is my honor to now represent the professional firefighters of IAFF Local 525. I will work to strengthen our union principles while always promoting unity and integrity.

The Santa Barbara city fire department’s mission statement is: “We are committed to ensuring the safety and protection of our community through preservation of life, property and environment.” In order for us to accomplish this mission every time we get called, it is essential for the Union to advocate for safe working conditions and fair compensation. To meet the demands of the modern fire service we need consistent training and quality equipment. This work is done by educating ourselves and the public about the hazards that affect first responders.

As with many of California’s communities, Santa Barbara is considered an all risk fire department. This means that we respond to any and all emergencies, mitigate the problem and create a positive outcome. While we are still essential for the extinguishment of structural and wildland fires we are also trained as confined space technicians, water rescue swimmers, hazardous materials technicians, aircraft rescue and firefighting(ARFF), Urban Search and Rescue(USAR) and emergency medical technicians(EMT). Additional programs we provide are public education and fire prevention.

The City of Santa Barbara is world renowned for its natural beauty and cultural institutions. With pride and honor we took an oath to protect its citizens' lives, property and environment. We are truly fortunate to work in a community that supports and loves the work we do. To show our appreciation we will continue to fundraise and participate in the many local area charities and community events.

Our community and fire department have been faced with some major challenges because of the changing environment. We have all learned some valuable lessons that have made us more resilient. The Santa Barbara City Firefighters will continue to always show up when needed and be a positive influence in tough times. Thank you for your trust and respect.

Bob Kendall